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Lifespan TR800 DT3 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

Lifespan's entry level model for those who already have a desk and they just need a treadmill designed for it.

Lifespan TR800 DT3 Treadmill Review



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Overall Rating: 5

With the warranty limiting it to 3 hours of use per day, it is clearly limited.

The Lifespan TR800 DT3 is a decent treadmill that costs $799. It is made to fit with a standing desk that must be purchased separately. For an extra $100 you can move up to the TR1200 DT3, which has a larger walking area, better cushioning, higher quality parts, and a more extensive motor. For that reason, it really doesn't make sense to purchase this unit.

The walking area is okay. The belt measures in at 18" x 52". This is 2" narrower and 8" shorter than the standard 20" x 60" walking belt that is found on most of today's treadmills. This probably won't be a problem considering the fact that you will only use this model to walk at low speeds, and you will be forced to position yourself near the front in order to access the standing desk.

You get a motor that isn't impressive with this treadmill. You may think that the motor will undergo less stress since it will be used only for walking, but it's actually harder for the motor to handle long periods of low speeds than it is to handle shorter periods of running. The speed maxes out at 4 mph, but you won't need to go any faster than that.

A relatively ineffective cushioning system comes on this model. 6 variable density elastomers are used to reduce the impact walking has on your joints and back. It will certainly be more forgiving than walking on concrete, but you can find much better cushioning systems in this price range.

As far as projected reliability is concerned, this machine doesn't stack up. Many treadmills that sell for this low have much longer life expectancies. Keep in mind that continual slow use of this model will cause it to wear down faster than others. The quality of parts used isn't great, either.

The warranty on the Lifespan TR800 DT3 is pathetic. Labor and parts are covered for 1 year, the motor is covered for 3 years, and the frame is covered for life. This warranty also has a 3 hour maximum daily use stipulation. Lifespan isn't showing much faith in this treadmill with their warranty.