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Lifespan TR7000i Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

The best Lifespan machine ever made! Strong machine with a very comfortable feel makes for a great combination but it should be at this price point.

Lifespan TR7000i Treadmill Review



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Overall Rating: 7.92

Lifespan emerging from PCE Fitness, has been around since the early 90s. Offering compact machines crammed with features, with focus on quality of components, has been their guiding philosophy but they will make an exception for the compact design on the TR7000i.

Over the years we have seen the company become aggressive in pricing by mixing components in attractive packages with a view to propel growth through mass marketing avenues. The result is a slew of high end machines offering better value for money.

The company has been very impressive in the marketing realm and they have quickly organized a huge network of dealers for their products, pinching pennies wisely where it matters to score higher sales.

With the Lifespan TR7000i gracing their pantheon of high end TMs, Lifespan Fitness has well and truly arrived! It is irresistibly attractive purely for the quality of its components, efficient performance and variety of programmable options. The longer track, powerful motor, thicker belt and reversible deck do wonders to enhance the longevity of this machine.

Voices in favor of the TM

3.5 HP motor generates enough power for smoother deck handling

A good 3.5 HP motor works in perfect tuning with the deck providing a comfortable walk for the regular user, and will not wheeze or wobble at higher speeds when ace athletes are zooming full throttle.

A 22" x 62" wider belt is great ammo for extreme workouts

The 62" tread length accommodates the longer strides of taller runners, and at 22" there is enough width and extra room to take care of regular and inexperienced users.

Having a bigger running area by itself does not guarantee a superb machine; it is how a good motor and a decent drive gel together that determines TM performance, and regular users will not be disappointed.

Cushioning technology enhances user comfort

This treadmill sports an extra thick tread supported by shock absorbers that take away the impact of thudding footfalls, so we have sufficient protection against muscle fatigue and limb injuries.

A heavy treadmill that tolerates heavier users

The machine weighs 368 pounds and has stress tolerance exceeding 400 pounds, meaning that heavier users can follow their fitness regimen without fear of compromising the machine's longevity.

Reversible deck boosts longevity of the running strip

To protect the running surface from the side effects of prolonged use, all you need to do is to flip and reverse its deck and install a new belt. This doubles the life when compared with a standard deck.

Stronger warranty shows a more committed company

The treadmill frame and motor are covered by lifetime warranty; parts are 5 years and labor 2 years, which is definitely above the norm compared to many other high end models gracing the industry.

And points to ponder for regular users...

The pricing may not suit a low profile user; remember this is a high-end machine

Undoubtedly, $3,499 is not an amount at the beck and call of the average user with limited resources. It's more suited to the committed user with money to splurge. The TR 7000i swaggers in guaranteeing quality, reliability and extensive warranty protection, but it's really out of bounds for the normal user who would be better off paying a lot less for a lower quality machine that delivers what he wants.

The console is unattractive; no design sparkle!

Considering the amount of cash you are forking out, the least the company could have done is to create a zingier looking model; its current design is quite minimalist and "clinical". Fewer oohs and aahs for the user.

The last word

The TR7000i is an expensive ride but for the serious runner there is a roomier tread with adequate cushioning and a reversible deck that combine with an excellent drive system

to keep performance levels boosted.

Extremely good machine with a great feel. Lifespan made a great machine with an easy to use interface but they really charge for it.