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Lifespan TR5000i Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

One of the best $2000 treadmills you can buy! Lifespan has put the drive system from a commercial machine into a home unit so a marathon runner can pound this machine and not worry about longevity.

Lifespan TR5000i Treadmill Review



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Overall Rating: 7.49

Bragging points...

Power packed motor matching an expansive treadbelt

The 3 HP AC motor is the impressive power producing heart of this excellent treadmill and is virtually unbeatable at this price point. Can walk into any high end model comfortably. Miles ahead of the competition, anything superior to this motor will cost you at least $1,000 extra.

Treadbelt designed for extreme runners

Finally, extreme runners have nothing to complain about; they are getting an expansive 20" x 60" treadbelt that has become the runner's standard. It accommodates runners in all size categories and packs more stability and is powered by an excellent motor. This motor-drive combination is a dream take and users can grind this machine as much as they want without bothering about system breakdowns.

Cushioning is OK

Having designed a great motor-treadbelt combination, Lifespan may have lost their bearings in the cushioning department. Not that it is bad, but there are better offerings down the price ladder, and that pinches. Overall, there is reasonably decent protection for joints and back.

Warranty is strong

The warranty on the Lifespan TR5000i is pretty clean as labor is covered for 1 year, parts get 7 years coverage, and the frame and motor are covered for life. Overall this demonstrates Lifespan's faith in their high quality systems components and powerful motor drive.

Reliability is high

This appears more like a commercial grade high end model with good longevity that is scaled down in pricing while retaining high quality parts and an excellent warranty. This is rare. Definitely a great value for money at the $2,000 price point giving the competition a great run for its money.

Flagging points...

Costly for the average buyer

We have consistently maintained that good runner's treadmills can't be purchased below the $1,000 price point but a $2,000 tag could become a Mount Everest, too high for ordinary folks to climb. The decision is entirely left to the individual - either opt for an entry level walker at lower price points or save up to buy something extra special like the TR5000i because you are getting tremendous value for money with this model backed by a worry free warranty.

The last word...

The Lifespan TR5000i is a great treadmill at the $1,999 price tag and lost out to Smooth and Proform only by a whisker in the $1500 to $1999 segment of our Best Buy Awards. We can confidently recommend this model to extreme runners and athletics trainers for a seriously punishing worry free workout.

A full commercial drive system on a residential treadmill makes this one of the strongest treadmills in the $2000 price range.