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Lifespan TR5000DT7 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

Essentially the DT5 with electronic adjustment on the desk. If you are adjusting it all the time it could be worth the extra.

Lifespan TR5000DT7 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 6.35

Lifespan emerging from PCE Fitness has been around since the early 90s. Offering attractive designs and compact machines crammed with features, with prime focus being on quality of components- this has been their guiding philosophy.

Over the years we have seen the company become aggressive in pricing by combining features in attractive packages with a view to propel growth through mass marketing routes. The result is a slew of high-end machines offering better value for money.

The company has been very impressive in the marketing realm and they have quickly organized a huge network of dealers for their products, pinching pennies wisely where it matters to score higher sales.

What we can say in favor of the treadmill...

Powerful large frame 3 HP motor, more than adequate for a desk treadmill

The motor is powerful enough to walk you through speeds topping 4 mph with minimum noise although almost no one will use it that way. It also gels effectively with the drive system to ensure a smooth walking experience. Realistically, you won't need this kind of power as you won't be using the desk treadmill for running.

20" x 56" Walking Belt and back up cushioning is tailor made for walking

The 20" x 56" walking belt may be 4" shorter in length than the standard belts in this price range but then, you really don't need the longer strides suited for running.

The cushioning rates above average and compensates the discomfort of walking on the treadmill for a longer duration. Running and jogging this treadmill may wear out drive components.

An adjustable desk integrates office and exercise routine

Here your office desktop gets localized on a stable platform (the desk) that is separated from the treadmill and doesn't feel the stress or vibration of the drive system. Users that are varying heights can conveniently adjust the desk to their height.

This could be the ultimate innovation in personalizing the way you do your work - making decisions on the go and working as you walk

Thinking points for the careful buyer...

If your work timings and fitness routines are in two different worlds, avoid this treadmill

Desk treadmills are designed with the office goer in mind who loves to innovate and combine a painless workout with arduous computer work. Not for the professional runner or trained racer because you can't run and type at the same time, unless you happen to be Reed Richards of the "Fantastic Four".

This is money wasted for runners and athletes

If you are a runner, buying this treadmill at the $3000 price point would be a monumental tragedy. There are "purely for walkers and runners" treadmills by Lifespan in the median $699-$1,499 range and the premium $2,000-$3,500 segment. Better let your budget and fitness requirements decide the treadmill most suited to you.

Noise would be a handicap in the office setup

Noise is tolerable at the 2 mph range but as you work up higher speeds noise could become an irritant, especially as you need quieter offices.

Short Warranty

It is understandable when a company cuts corners to achieve a lower pricing for its product, and especially if the compromise is not visible to the customer, but it is foolhardy playing with the warranty, and this is a pathetic warranty by any standards that lowers the value of the product.

The final diagnosis

Lifespan have worked wonders in the desk treadmill category and as evidenced, they have cornered the top three positions in the Best Desk Treadmill category.

We would "set it and forget it" but if you move the height around all the time, the electronic adjustment could be worth it.