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Lifespan TR5000 DT3 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

Unless you are a great furniture designer or already have a desk, step up to the TR5000 DT5.

Lifespan TR5000 DT3 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 6.35

Lifespan from PCE Fitness has been around since the early 90s. Their guiding philosophy is offering attractive designs and compact machines crammed with features, while retaining their focus on quality of components.

Over the years we have seen the company become aggressive in pricing by mixing components in attractive packages with a view to propel growth through mass marketing routes. The result is a slew of machines offering better value for money in each segment.

The company has been very impressive in the marketing realm and they have quickly organized a huge network of dealers for their products, pinching pennies wisely where it matters to score higher sales.

With the Lifespan TR5000 DT3 they have created a machine that has become one of the best Desk treadmills around.

Bragging points...

Pretty good 3 HP motor that is featured even in higher priced TMs

Though it has a motor with strong power generation capability, you don't really get to draw that kind of power as you won't be walking higher than 2 mph. Noise isn't annoying and is suited to a quieter office environment, provided you keep speeds within 2 mph.

20" x 56" walking belt and supportive cushioning ideal for office walkers

You don't need a ramp touching 60" on this treadmill because it is designed for walking as you work simultaneously on your office or home office computer. 56" length with a width of 20" is the right fit to ensure you walk in comfort. The cushioning is just about average but adequate to support a brisk walk and protect you from stiff backs and muscle injuries.

The best way to keep the motor stress free and remain a long term player is to alternate the duration of your workout sessions with reasonable periods of rest. Continuous nonstop workouts can be ruled out.

An adjustable desk smoothly integrates the office schedule and workout

We can understand why the TR5000 DT3 is considered the Prima Donna of office TMs. No longer are you dependent on the gym for a brisk exercise routine, and you don't have to terminate work abruptly to do a workout. You can let your creative energies flow in the office while working your muscles. This kind of seamless integration of work and exercise is impossible with many other TMs.

Flagging points...

This machine is a walker not a runner

This machine is not designed for athletes; it's for the office worker who wants to integrate a relaxed workout routine with his office work without compromising his safety and comfort.

Pricing is beyond reach of the average buyer

The "value for money" machines introduced by Lifespan are located in their $699 - $1,499 range, and the $2,000 - $3,500 range is reserved for the premium segment. This positions the DT3 at the mid $1,999 price point. You are getting the best of both the lower end and premium segments. It's really up to the user to determine his needs and choose the machine that fits his budget.

Noise would be a handicap in the office setup

Our rating for noise reduction is above average if you clock a speed of 2 mph, but the DT3 may become noisier if exercise routines are unduly prolonged and when you accelerate speeds beyond 2 mph.

Warranty is too pathetic to make an impact on buyers

If a reasonably good design, better quality parts and good motor-tread compatibility set your senses on fire, the warranty will extinguish that fire pretty fast.

Labor gets just 1 year, parts are for 2 years, motor (the heart of the TM) attracts 3 years, with frame being covered for life. This is woefully inadequate considering the amount of cash you are forking out when compared with what the rest of the industry does. The company has not enhanced its reputation by doling out this soup kitchen warranty.

The reliability factor

A short hard pounding is infinitely better than slow continuous use, as the second approach effectively halves the longevity of the machine. The reason for this is that if heat is allowed to build up inside a motor, this accelerates the wear and tear and breakdown of tiny components, reducing the efficiency of the machine. So if you were planning on using the treadmill for long nonstop workouts then this is NOT your kind of TM.

The final diagnosis

The Lifespan TR5000 DT3 presents an exceptional solution that helps you merge desk work with tread work effectively, and the lone competitor is its sister model, the DT5, which got the top billing in the Desk treadmill category.

If it doesn't perturb you to be sandwiched between the devil of high pricing and the deep blue sea of a listless warranty, then by all means take a deep breath and finish your PowerPoint presentation while you workout on this unique TM.

This one is designed for all day use as long as you adequately rest it throughout the day. Some components are upgraded quite a bit to reach the higher rating.