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Lifefitness Treadmill Review Index

General Information:A division of Brunswick Corp. (but maybe not for long), Lifefitness is the 800 lb. gorilla in the commercial market and is known for the famous club Lifecycle stationary cycle. These are typically well designed products but have been overpriced in the past. Life has become aggressive on value in the home market and the T and F series are very good. Avoid the Sport and Essential models that they private labeled from Taiwan a few years ago. They are a headache waiting to happen. It has been well publicized that Brunswick has been closing boat factories like crazy so we wonder how long it will be before they want the equity out of Lifefitness.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Their philosophy seems to be to engineer the product well and then price it very aggressively. Post warranty parts are expensive but with the new warranties, they won't be needed for a long time.

Company Outlook : Lifefitness dominates the commercial equipment market and has always had plenty of horsepower in the marketing side of the business. Their industrial design is always sleek, if not complex which helps them use components that wouldn't work in an average design. We expect Life to be around for a long time to come...maybe not under the parent Brunswick but they are a huge fitness company.