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General Information:Lifecore started out as a retailer and has moved into the import business.  We have known the people behind the brand for years and they have always been people who try to provide good service for customers so it will be an interesting story to watch.  Most factories have little experience in contact with the end customer so we will see if that makes a big difference.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Their philosophy seems to be to make a decent machine and price it at a value position.  The Hebb boys have been hard at work lately helping out quite a few companies and Lifecore is no exception.  We would expect these to have a good service record, especially if you maintain the equipment.

Company Outlook : Lifecore is a relatively new company to the distribution side of things so we are taking a wait-and-see attitude.  We tend to do that and err on the side of caution.  If their retail experience translates over into this world, it could be a totally different experience for the consumer but we’ll see