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Treadmill Name: Landice L7 Executive Trainer
Editor’s Note:

Some will be enamored with the fancy display screen and if you are, it is probably worth it but the drive train that is taking the beating is the same as the one on the $3000 model.


MSRP: $4595
Walking Area: 8
Power: 8
Cushioning: 8
Reliability: 8
Noise Level: 7
Quality: 8
Value: 5
Warranty: 10
Overall Score: 7.60
Review Comments:

The electronics are really a thing of beauty on this machine. I don’t know if one of us would pay $4600 for one of these but we have heard of Landice dealers willing to drop the price to get the sale and if they come off it enough, it would be a great treadmill to own. If they stick hard on the price and if you are feeling adventurous, take a look at the new Lifefitness T7-0.


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