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January 2, 2009 - Below is an email that we received from a customer that details his personal account of an experience with Icon's Customer Service department.

"To Whom this may concern:

Recently we have had trouble with our Proform 520 Treadmill.  After a successful "walk around the block", the treadmill would no longer function; in fact when you inserted the safety key, the incline would automatically raise to the highest point and then lower?.nothing else.  So as a customer, I tried to contact the manufacturer for some help.  After numerous attempts to speak to a representative and leaving requests for return calls, my wife gave it a shot. After one hour she was contacted by a Proform Rep. with troubling news. The Representative informed my wife that we needed to do one of two things:  buy new parts or spend gobs of money on an extended warranty.  Nothing else would work, and I mean nothing. A side note is that the Rep. chose to contact her in lieu of me; this tells me he was attempting to pull a fast one with whom he thought would "show him the money"!  In the mean time, she began researching websites that may give us an alternative solution, and so the thanks begin.

After locating your website, she submitted a request for support via email. 24 hours later a rep. responded with some troubleshooting tips to correct our problem. No talk of parts, technicians, warranties, etc. just solid advice as to what might be the problem. The email was specific as to what we needed to do and provided follow up contact information if needed.  Well none needed, it worked!  A simple and fast calibration was all that was needed, it took all of 5 minutes to complete and the treadmill is back in business. Thanks a million or should I say 400 plus, as this was what the manufacturer was attempting to get out of the deal.

To all that may read this, Treadmilldoctor is the real deal, no hassle all help!  I highly recommend this website to anyone seeking sound advice for their equipment.

P.S. Just wait and see the e-mail I send to Proform!  Hope they like negative press!