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Ironman Elliptical Review Index

General Information:This is another brand that was made by Keys Fitness and they really got the packaging right on these because at first glance they look quite good. A very nice looking machine and they are sold through warehouse clubs and sporting goods stores but they have had disastrous quality problems over the last few years. Keys was taken over by their bank earlier this year and the current news through our business is that Star Trac has acquired the name brand.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Keys really downgraded the quality of their machines over the past two years. We have received a number of quality complaints ranging from serious problems to something as simple as parts not fitting together correctly. The founder of Keys told us that he believed in keeping manufacturing jobs in the USA but apparently it simply got too costly since all production was moved to China. Expect some adjustments or service visits out of the box if you buy one of these.

Company Outlook : In a word- bleak. The financial company has had limited success trying to revive this DOA patient and it may be kinder for them to just let it die. This was written just a few weeks ago but now is seems that this brand has been liquidated to Star Trac.