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General Information:This is another brand made by Keys Fitness and they really got the packaging right on these because at first glance they look quite good.  A very nice looking machine, they are sold through warehouse clubs and sporting goods stores.  Overall, it is another Keys elliptical with good features and poor fit and finish.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Keys really downgraded the machines over the last year.  We have received a number of quality complaints ranging from serious problems to something as simple as parts not fitting together correctly.  The founder of Keys told us that he believes in keeping manufacturing jobs in the USA but apparently it simply got too costly since all production is now in China.  Expect some adjustments or service visits out of the box.

Company Outlook : Keys is one of the stronger companies in fitness but it appears that they are setting fitness to the side.  Due to sourcing parts overseas, they have had a bit of trouble with electronics failures that require expensive wholesale replacement of electronics parts in the past.