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General Information:Ignite machines fall under the Lamar Health and Fitness banner.  Kevin Lamar was the brains behind the resurgence of Schwinn Fitness and also ran the fitness division at Nautilus.  He decided to strike out on his own with his new company a few years ago.  The credit crunch took a bite out of LHF and the company is in the process of being absorbed into Star Trac.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Although these machines are much more competitively priced than the other brands from Lamar, they don’t do much for us in terms of having anything that stands out.  Good quality units combined with some value pricing can make these attractive at a discount.

Company Outlook : Lamar had their assets seized by Wells Fargo, their lender, in September.  A press release on the Star Trac website indicates that many of the sales staff have transitioned over to Star Trac and the assets of LHF will be bought and sold through Star Trac so expect to see some activity soon from Star Trac.