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Horizon CT9.3 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

Absolutely absurd MSRP. If you buy this one for list, we have some Tennessee Magic Rocks for sale that you would love! Click Here for 2015 Review

Horizon CT9.3 Treadmill Review


2014 Model

Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 4.54

What goes in favor of the Treadmill...

Motor that is comparatively the best in the CT series

The 2.5 HP motor ranks among the better power generators in the CT series but is way below consumer expectations at an expensive $2,199. Speed levels and noise will max at 12 mph and users would gain by extracting a bit more purchase on this machine than in the average CT series model. Definitely, this is a model that is struggling to justify its exorbitant price tag.

Walking belt is exceptionally good

Measurements of 20" x 60" are quiet satisfying and sturdier and taller runners will find this an extremely comfortable surface to exercise on. If the motor had been sturdier and bigger, users would have gained by prolonging the intensity and duration of each workout.

The PerfectFLEX cushioning is above average

The decent cushioning reduces the impact of prolonged running or sustained jogging to some degree. Back and joints get decent protection but there are better surfaces for your hard earned dollar if you look closely enough at competing models.

Features that make you pause in evaluating your purchase...

Too expensive yet very average in features and performance

This is another candidate that will give sticker shock to many consumers, and in the event somebody falls for the machine many more shocks in parts quality, systems breakdowns, and poor warranty await them.

Modest preset programs and low incline ratio

With around 24 programs being an average feature at this price point, it is disappointing to be offered mere 12 workout apps. The incline of 12% is also below the standard for this category. When other brands are going all out to maximize features, Horizon seems headed in the opposite direction. This means less variation in workouts and lower incentives for rigorous runners.

Warranty very discouraging for this price point

1 year for labor, 2 years for parts and lifetime warranty for the motor and frame. The standard sized deck and better cushioning are just about the only positive points in an otherwise average treadmill. The machine is way too expensive and delivers a disappointingly lower level of warranty and servicing commitment.

You need a bigger area when the machine unfolds

Dimensions of 76"; L x 34"; W x 58"; H and machine weight of 243 pounds makes this reasonably big treadmill requiring more space when it unfolds. Needs space planning before welcoming it home, though it doesn't deserve much of a welcome.

Our verdict

The Horizon CT9.3 is a hugely overpriced treadmill, and serious runners and extreme trainers are recommended to see it and scoot in the opposite direction. The heavier pricing may delude people into thinking they are investing in quality but the reality will bring them crashing down to earth pretty fast. If you are very keen to commit $2,200, try the NordicTrack C 1600 Pro which is the Best Buy Award winner in the $1299 price range. Better treadmill and you save almost a grand.

The funniest MSRP we have seen in a long time. Super Jim used to give his treadmills this kind of crazy MSRP too.