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General Information:Click over to and see if you can figure out who really makes these.  That’s the only problem with companies like Keys and Proform.  They make a different model for each manufacturer and it makes it hard to compare prices.  It is obviously a deliberate attempt to keep the retail prices as high as possible.  We will not be reviewing these models this year.

Manufacturing Philosophy:For the sales price, Keys puts relatively high-quality parts in their machines so you get a good basic quality of machine for your money when you compare it with other treadmills in the price range.  The founder of Keys told us that he believes in keeping manufacturing jobs in the but apparently it simply got too costly.  They still have a ways to go with design which affects fit and finish and assembly quality so expect some adjustments or service visits out of the box.

Company Outlook : Keys is one of the stronger companies in specialty fitness.  Since their core product from the old days, weights and accessories, is something that never goes out of style and since they know how to run a business, we would expect them to be around for a long time.  Due to sourcing parts overseas, they have had a bit of trouble with electronics failures that require expensive wholesale replacement of electronics parts in the past.