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Gold's Gym Trainer 410 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

Our best buy winner for the bottom price range. That and 50 cents will get you a coke at our shop. At least you'll have a pair of hand weights when the treadmill breaks down.

Gold's Gym Trainer 410 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 3.69

Give the credit to some marketing genius at Icon or the retailing skills of Walmart; this machine has achieved an astonishing (shocking?) degree of popularity in the $399 and under category. And if you think that translates into a giant vote for quality you'd be sorely mistaken. There's very little inside this machine to justify investing even small change.

Quality features that can help you assess the model? We are frankly at a loss for words...

An 18" x 50" tread area is OK for beginners

You obviously can't ask for the moon at a $399 price point, but what you get is decent acreage wide enough for a comfortable stroll. Better not to attempt anything risky like running or something more strenuous on this TM. You may risk slipping off the edges and kissing the carpet or admiring the ceiling - depending which side you land on.

Air Stride cushioning gives decent protection against tears and injuries

If you consider the lower budget, then getting cushioning is a positive gain and your back and limb joints will breathe easier. There's a cushioning isolator that takes away the force of the impact and makes the walk more comfortable. We will avoid using the word "running".

Problem areas that will keep you guessing

The motor will definitely run, even if you can't!

The 2.0 HP motor doesn't even qualify as "average" in the quality sweepstakes. Ironically, when track speed maxes at 10 mph and the walking area rules out heavy duty exercise, you won't be taxing the motor much anyway. So be reconciled to doing the comfortable stroll or the low intensity weight watchers walk.

Warranty cover is awesomely pathetic

There's a 5 year warranty covering the frame and motor. The crucial parts and labor warranty extends a mere 90 days coverage which is industrial apathy by any standards. Perhaps the message for the public is that they shouldn't expect too much performance AND the company is unwilling to subsidize repair expenses (that are guaranteed) over the long term.

Servicing issues will leave you fretting and fuming

The weakest link for Gold's Gym is customer service. The frequency of repairs and the inability of the company to, many times, attend calls promptly push the ratings way below. To put it nicely, if something goes wrong you will be left wistfully admiring the accessories, of which there will be plenty.

The last hurrah: This is common with Gold's Gym... make the accessories a big part of the machine and maybe the public will forget about the treadmill that stinks.