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Gold's Gym Stride Trainer 410 Elliptical Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

If you feel like you can afford anything better than the Stride Trainer 410 we would suggest that you join one of the $20 per month gyms we seem to see on every other street corner.

Gold's Gym Stride Trainer 410 Elliptical Review







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Overall Rating: 2.35

Gold's Gym Stride Trainer 410

The Stride Trainer 410 is a small improvement over the 310, 350 and 380 but is still a very poor quality elliptical. We try to let people know that you need to spend at least $500 to $600 on a machine to get your money's worth. Below that price, it is our opinion that manufacturers and retailers simply don't have enough money in the product that they both can make money and still provide the consumer with a product that will last longer than 6 months under consistent use.

Stride Trainer 410 comes at a very affordable price of $394. But with its quality, it might be best to join a gym and pay $20 as monthly fee. This is because the product is very low in quality. "You get what you pay for" really fits in this product. That is low price for a very low quality product. For that rate, you cannot say any good quality that has been put on this machine.

Putting all pieces together can be a little difficult for those who are not accustomed to do it. Some customers complained of having rotation sensor that needs to be replaced as it was defective. If you do not know how to clip or position it to the frame, it will surely create noise. Adjusting its controls and other parts can eat a lot of your time. These can be caused by poor factory workmanship.

The plastic pieces are prone to breakage. So you need to be careful when you assemble them. Then, you also have to worry about the bolts as they tend to loosen up easily. With its horrible design, you can expect to hear a squeaking sound each time you use it, even if you apply grease.

All in all, this elliptical trainer is of questionable quality. If you do purchase it, then be really to be disappointed. But the good news is that you can return it within 90 days as the company offers a money back guarantee. A full refund will be given.