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Gold's Gym Stride Trainer 310 Elliptical Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

The Gold's Gym Stride Trainer 310 is one of the best of the ellipticals produced under $300 and our 3rd Runner Up in our Best Buy Awards... unfortunately that's not saying much.

Gold's Gym Stride Trainer 310 Elliptical Review







Noise Level:










Overall Rating: 2.35

Gold Gym 310 Review

The Gold Gym 310 Review is our Best Buy 3rd Runner Up in the under $399 category. Like our 2nd Runner Up, this elliptical is nothing short of junk. You get what you pay for and it will only work smoothly for a short period of time. Again we want to encourage our customers to only invest on ellipticals in the $500 or higher price ranges.

A light weight relatively unstable frame design makes the Gold's Gym 310 an extremely uncomfortable ride. The drive system is lightweight and tension system is very poor in quality.

What we don't like about the Gold Gym 310...

Another pathetic stride

This machine is one of those lightweight trainers with uncomfortable strides. It measures 14 inches which is a total waste of money if you are taller (could not even satisfy those who are 5'3"). I guess this has become a trademark of Icon Health & Fitness, creating super cheap machines with next to zero quality.

Comes with a talking frame...

Oh well, don't be surprised if you hear something knocking during a midnight workout. There's really nothing to worry about it is normal for this machine. Our customers say they experience it around the 3rd week.

An awesome 250 pound weight capacity... wait what?

If you have just bought this unit because you saw the hefty 250 pound weight capacity, then you might want to return it. Seriously, which $300 super machine that only weighs around 120 lbs. can handle a 250 lb. person? They might be able to stand on it, but pedalling and balancing on it is another story.

A 90 day warranty

For its price, this machine is really tempting. Heck, what's $300 if I can exercise and get fit for a whole year. The real problem of this machine comes with the warranty. With only a 90 day coverage for both parts and labor, it proves how this machine is poorly made.

Our verdict: This product is awesomely disturbing but amazingly cheap. If you don't mind the knocking noise every time you hop on this machine, then it's ok. The Gold Gym 310 is not a serious trainer. Please buy something better.