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General Information:Sole Fitness was the company behind these and they were sold primarily at Dick's Sporting Goods and online. Sole makes a good machine with their own brand but should have really left low-end treads to the masters at Johnson and Icon.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Establishing a new brand because Dick´s didn´t want to deal with the Icon monster wasn´t a good fix for their dilemma. Sole took their machines and put cheaper parts into them. You can get a few years use but if you want a Sole, spend the money for a Sole brand machine. This was a flawed idea from the start and don´t expect a long-term machine from one of these.

Company Outlook : From a startup just a few years ago to putting treadmills for rent in hotels all over the USA, Sole has quickly established itself as a mass-market player in the US market. If the attention they have put into the quality of their treadmills pays off, it should make them a player in the market over the long term.