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Freemotion 790 Interactive Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

One of the biggest motors you will ever see in a $2000 treadmill. High quality parts in all the key areas with that added bonus of a TV.

Freemotion 790 Interactive Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 7.45

What we can say in favor of the Treadmill...

Large-frame motor powering a smooth workout

At 4.2 HP this is easily one of the strongest motors we have reviewed this far. It's great value for money at $1,999 and quite a few models that cost an extra $1,000 don't show this kind of power producing capacity. Runners can accelerate to 12 mph with great ease and minus the noise associated with lesser models. The noise level is low enough for you to clearly hear someone speaking to you in a normal tone.

Freemotion provides warranty cover for the motor to last a lifetime, reason enough to push the accelerator and raise the intensity of extreme workouts.

A belt designed for extreme running with matching power support and great cushioning

The walking belt is a good size measuring 20" x 60", which is more than sufficient to power extreme exercising by serious runners and committed trainers.

The cushioning support is excellent and the surface responds positively absorbing the harsh impact of a punishing run, taking a whole load off your straining limbs and back. This is a very forgiving surface like few others and is a unique selling proposition of this treadmill, all by itself.

Good variety in workout apps and inclines

The -3% to 15% decline/incline variation is more than sufficient to spice up your daily routine, and an impressive clutch of 36 workout apps add challenge and more variety to your workout.

15" Hi-Def TV ups the entertainment quotient

To raise your motivation levels there's a 15" TV providing an unending stream of high definition entertainment as you work out.

Warranty one of the best in its category

Critical parts are of good quality, and if Freemotion has cut corners it would be in less important areas not directly impacting the user, and this model has enough longevity to please the committed user. The treadmill is backed by a good lifetime frame and motor warranty, a great 5-year parts warranty along with a satisfying 2-year labor warranty.

Space saving folding treadmill

With dimensions of 83" L x 36" W x 73.5" H you can breathe easier that this is a folding marvel, and though it doesn't exactly disappear into a corner, you can achieve some degree of space saving.

What makes you pause in evaluating your buy...

Poor customer service may worry you

Icon's abysmal track record in servicing may give you a migraine but in all likelihood superior parts quality may not require you to call the servicemen in the immediate future.

The final word

Powerful, solid, stable - a great motor, high quality parts, an aesthetically pleasing exterior and better entertainment package overall makes the Freemotion 790 interactive an excellent choice at the $2,000 price mark. It's a great way to kick start a marathon man's challenging fast track campaign.

One of the best treadmill choices in the $2000 price range. We loved the feel and the stability of the treadmill.