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Freemotion 790 Interactive Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

One of the biggest motors you will ever see in a $2000 treadmill. High quality parts in all the key areas.

Freemotion 790 Interactive Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








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Overall Rating: 7.53

One of the best treadmill choices in the $2000 price range. We loved the feel and the stability of the treadmill.

This is a really good value. The Freemotion 790 Interactive has a great motor and high quality parts for $1,999. It was the runner up for our Best Buy Award in the Best Fold-Up category.

The walking belt is a good size. It's 20" x 60", which is right about where you'd want it. Bigger belts are available, even at this price range, but most users will find this to be sufficient.

This machine has one of the better motors out of all of the treadmills we reviewed. Considering it only costs $1,999, that was a huge surprise. It can generate a similar amount of power as many models that cost an extra $1,000 or more.

The cushioning system is really good, as well. SRS, or surface response suspension, is used to alleviate some of the pressure that your joints and back experience as you run. You can find a few treadmills in this price range that offer a comparable amount of impact absorption, but you won't find many.

The projected reliability is right around what you'd expect for a $2,000. It should hold up fairly well, but it won't last as long as many of the higher end treadmills. The quality of parts used is good, and Freemotion seems to know when not to cut corners.

The noise level is quite low. It does a better job of staying quiet than most of the other $2,000 models. If quietness is a big factor for you, and you aren't looking to go above this price range, this one is worth examining.

The warranty on the Freemotion 790 Interactive is good, but nothing special. Labor is covered for 2 year, parts are covered for 5 years, and the frame and motor is covered for life. Aside from the extra year on labor, you can find this kind of coverage on many of the treadmills we reviewed.