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Felax Treadmill Review Index

General Information:We first started hearing about these models from people that had seen them on eBay. We aren't aware of any dealers that are carrying them. Shortly after introduction we started getting calls about parts- and that's never good. For the most part, we have seen these disappear (thankfully) so hopefully not too many more consumers will fall into this trap. We will not be reviewing Felax models this year.

Manufacturing Philosophy:They try to hit a low price point and typically do it very well. We haven't bothered buying one to take apart because the eBay experience has seemed to already have come and gone and we have limited funds for reviews.

Company Outlook : This Asian factory has built machines like bikes and ellipticals for major US brands so we expect to see them some more in the US market but they should carefully pick who they partner with for treadmills in the future due to the great need for product support in the treadmill business.