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EVO Treadmill Review Index

General Information:EVO machines were built by Smooth Fitness and were available through fitness specialty stores and through the EVO Fitness website. Smooth had lost some of their steam over the past few years and is scaling back to focus on their core strengths which is a very good thing. While upgrading their service they have now been upgrading product too. The most distinguishing feature of most EVO units is the motion control to change speed by waving your hand over sensors in the hand rails.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Smooth has focused on making their machines feature heavy. From the handrail motion control to their patented impact absorption feature, it is hard to get on a Smooth treadmill and not be impressed. They have made some big improvements in the fit and finish over the past few years.

Company Outlook : Smooth has quickly grown into one of the largest specialty distributors in the US. There is something to be said for being one of the first to the market and their push into the Internet early paid off although some others have caught up and, in the case of Icon, they are being left in the dust in terms of online sales.