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Everyoung Treadmill Review Index

General Information:Everyoung was an import brand and sold Taiwan built treadmills. They stopped selling treadmills in the USA several years ago. That's what happens commonly with small import companies. If you need parts repaired we fix them, so contact us for help getting yours fixed.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Everyoung used a relatively decent list of parts to make their machines and were priced lower than comparable treadmills in their price range but like many import brands, they didn't continue to distribute in the USA. This has happened so often that we have got to the point that when we hear from new distributors or dealers who are begging us to support a new line, we just start naming deceased brands such as Everyoung and the distributor/dealer just hangs up the phone.

Company Outlook : Everyoung ceased distributing treadmills in the United States several years ago. We still have many of their parts available.