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General Information:Endurance is imported by the same people that import Bodysolid, a company that dominates the strength equipment market in the specialty retail segment.  These people are renowned for their warranty and their follow-through by taking care of the customer.  The treadmills are just OK…nothing to write home about but the warranty can make the difference, especially in the low price segments.  There was a recall on Endurance T7, T7.1, T8 and T9.1 models  in 2006 for problems where the treadmill could unexpectedly accelerate or decelerate, possibly causing the user to lose control and fall according to the CPSC website, so we would look at other brands right now.

Manufacturing Philosophy:These are made by the same company that is making the Steelflex and Fitnex line of treadmills.  They are bargain basement machine that have decent components and a decent price to boot backed by the best warranty in the business.

Company Outlook : We know that Bodysolid, with their large dealer network, has established quite a beachhead with the Endurance brand.  It is difficult these days though to recover from speed variance problems.