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A 35 E

MSRP $1799
The feature set of the Epic A 35 E is nothing short of stunning making it our Best New... Full Review
Our Best Buy 3rd Runner Up winner. If you only have $300 to spend, Gold´s Gym... Full Review
The NordicTrack 990 Pro is the Best Buy Winner in the $999 category this year... again! Full Review
Our Best Buy Winner in the $1999 category, the EFX 5.23 is the higest quality total body... Full Review
Our Best Buy Winner in the $3999 category, the EFX 5.31 is one of the best premium... Full Review

510 E

MSRP $599
Our Best Buy Winner in the $699 category is a very good elliptical for the money. Full Review
The DMT is one of the most consistent, quality ellitpicals we review each year making... Full Review

E 35

MSRP $1299
Sole has shifted the battle in the specification war this year. The E35 is essentially... Full Review

E 95

MSRP $1499
Our Best Buy Award Winner in the $1499 category, the Sole E95 is one of those can´t... Full Review

M 30

MSRP $2199
True delivers an amazing amount of quality in a compact package with the M 30. Our... Full Review

ES 900

MSRP $4399
Our Best Buy Winner in the $4000 and Up category, the True ES 900 is a high quality... Full Review

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Elliptical Reviews

Treadmill Doctor doesn't just offer the necessary parts to repair your elliptical. We want you to be well-informed about the many available brands and models of elliptical trainers before you make your next big fitness equipment purchase. We strive to provide informative product reviews on an extensive list of elliptical machines on the market from many of the biggest names in the industry. With elliptical machine reviews for both new and older models of elliptical manufacturers, such as Ironman, Bowflex, and NordicTrak, we hope our database of reviews can answer your product questions as you search for your ideal piece of fitness equipment. Elliptical Trainer Basics

An elliptical trainer is a low-impact alternative to treadmills and stair climbers. Elliptical machines offer a cardio workout simulating stair climbing or running without applying excessive pressure to the joints. This low-impact workout can be beneficial for individuals with joint pain or injuries; however, because traditional elliptical machines work both upper body and lower body muscle groups, ellipticals are popular fitness machines for a growing number of users.

Because the user's foot never leaves the surface of the elliptical machine's pedal, elliptical trainers produce less noise than treadmills and stair climbers. Ellipticals are manufactured with a variety of stride lengths, which affects the degree to which different muscle groups are activated during exercise. Different stride lengths may also affect ergonomics, especially if you are taller or shorter than the average user. In addition to stride length differences, some elliptical trainers have stationary foot pedals, while others have articulating foot pedals.

As with many other fitness machines, elliptical trainers can provide workouts of varying intensity. Most elliptical machines come equipped with a resistance mechanism, requiring the user to increase the intensity of exercise as the resistance is increased.

One prominent difference between elliptical models is the location of the drive mechanism. Some elliptical machines use a front-drive system, while others use a rear-drive system. The position of the drive system can affect the feel of the exercise, providing more of a "stair climber" experience or more of a "running" experience.

No matter which features you choose for your elliptical trainer, be sure you give your fitness equipment the proper care. Regular cleaning and maintenance will help extend the life of your elliptical machine.

What Our Reviews Cover

A variety of factors should be considered when selecting an elliptical trainer. In addition to a look at prices, our reviews score elliptical machines in seven categories:

  1. Adjustability
  2. Reliability
  3. Noise level
  4. Value
  5. Warranty
  6. Quality
  7. Ergonomics

Depending on your personal preferences and situation, some of these categories may be more important to you than others. When reading the elliptical machine reviews, consider which of these categories is most important for you. For example, if you live in an apartment, noise level may be a deciding factor in your elliptical purchase. You can use the "Overall Rating" score to quickly compare elliptical models, or you can compare the rating scale scores in each category as you shop for your next piece of fitness equipment.

Why We Provide Elliptical Machine Reviews

Treadmill Doctor values your business, and as an industry leader in elliptical repair components, we have an important viewpoint to contribute to the conversation. We want you to know which machines are top rated by our professionals so that you can buy an elliptical trainer with confidence. We'll give you an honest opinion about the best buys on the market, so you can be sure you are purchasing the best elliptical machines. We don't sponsor any of the products reviewed on the site, so you are assured that our assessments of the build quality, reliability and other elements of these machines are unbiased.

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