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Diamondback Elliptical Review Index

General Information:Diamondback started out as a fitness division for the famous bicycle company?everyone else was doing it! Schwinn and Trek had big fitness divisions. Diamondback and Lifecore Fitness merged a couple of years ago and they continue to market under both brands but their business cores has shrunk to the point that it didn?t make operating both as separate companies a good idea.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Make a cheap unit and put as little value into the product seems to be the norm. It appears to be engineered to be built as cheaply as possible to entice those people who believe you can spend $399 and get a quality machine. They even have a cheap $699 desk treadmill that is a nightmare waiting to happen.

Company Outlook : New brands pop up at the low end all the time. Like the horrible SportCraft treadmills that were sold at Walmart a few years ago, the Exerpeutic treadmills give us the same feeling when we opened up the hood and looked at the low quality parts that they used.