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General Information:This company is owned by Raleigh America- a large seller of bicycles. Their fitness bikes, ellipticals and steppers are well known as a good, low-priced alternative with quality comparable to Vision. Diamondback has a good reputation for producing, quality value priced ellipticals for many, many years.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Diamondback is using quality parts put into a value package.  Overall, they are trying to make a push into the elliptical world by aggressively marketing a quality product at a value price.  It has worked for other companies so we’ll see how well Diamondback does.

Company Outlook : It is a new day at Diamondback.  They have made strong progress with their treadmill lineup this year and continue to make progress with their elliptical line.  Since a strong company is behind the brand, we would expect them to be able to weather the eventual shakeout this business has yet to complete.