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Nautilus Clearance through Big Lots – Dec. 24, 2008

Thanks to Jason White for giving us a head-up on this. Nautilus is clearing out stock on their T516 treadmill with Big Lots. This was a $2799 retail machine at specialty retailers and is now selling for $1200 with shipping included through Big Lots- a clearance/liquidation retailer. With Nautilus' recent quarter showing that they lost $35 million, apparently they are trying to raise some dough by clearing out stock quickly.


Deals on SportsArt – Dec. 23, 2008

Attention to all consumers and other interested parties, SportsArt Fitness is attempting to move some product at incredibly low prices. Costco is carying the E 80 ellitpical here to fore a $1599 MSRP for
$799 delivered to your home. For $1600 it was questionable at best, at $800 it is a pretty good deal. The only people that would probably object to this incredible discount is the three or four remaining SportsArt specialty dealers but I am sure that they will eventually get over it. (Please not the sarcasim in the last statement.) You can purchase the E 80 from Costco through the following link and please note that we will not receive any compensation to direct you to it:


Cybex Recall – Dec. 15, 2008

Cybex is recalling 20,000 treadmills made from January 2001 through September 2008 for uncontrolled acceleration problems. The fix is to install a new fuse and is limited to 115VAC models. The 220VAC models aren't included in this recall. Cybex has had 24 reports of this problem with 6 people falling while this malfunction occurred. The 115VAC models included are the Cybex 445T, 450T, 455T, 500T, 515T, 520T, 530T and 550T treadmills. If you have an affected machine, contact Cybex at or at 866-897-9199.

Cybex has instructed that if you have one of these treadmills to unplug it and stop using it immediately until it is repaired.