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Treadmill Doctor is for the first time allowing consumers to post their own reviews to our website. We do have some ground rules however:

1 - To post a review for a particular elliptical please email your comments to

2 - The review will be edited for content and standards – This means that we won’t allow inappropriate material to appear on our website!

3 - We reserve the right to post whatever consumer reviews that we want to on the website. This means that if we think you are a salesperson from a fitness store or manufacturer, we won’t post your review. It also means that if we don’t like your review or comment we won’t post it.

4 - By submitting your comment or review you explicitly give us the intellectual property rights to your comment. If you don’t want to give up your ownership rights then don’t submit it to our editors.

5 - The more entertaining your comment is, the more likely it is to get posted.

6 - To post a comment you must include your name, address, city, state, zip code, telephone number and email address. We try to verify the accuracy of all reviews posted on the website.

7 - To post a comment about a particular elliptical you must include the brand, model and serial number of the particular elliptical in question. This is to make sure that you have actually used the elliptical in question and we reserve the right to match the serial number up to the manufacturer’s database.

8 - If you have any questions regarding these conditions please contact