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Bremshey Elliptical Review Index

General Information:Accell Fitness is the distributor for the USA. Since Tunturi had some negative connotations since it went mass market with the old Service Merchandise chain and others years ago, Accell has had some luck getting the Bremshey line in specialty retailers.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Seems to be to put together a decent machine at a relatively value price. The treads are very solid units but the ellipticals need some work. Overall, they are building a unit with care put into the quality of components they are using.

Company Outlook : Accell seems to be one of the stronger newcomers in this market and if this were a normal downturn, we wouldn't have any question if they were going to be around but this is not a normal downturn. It will depend upon how much money Accell wants to spend in order to ride this downturn out as to whether we will see the Bremshey brand 5 years from today.