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General Information:The Nautilus Health & Fitness Group decided to change the name from the Nautilus TreadClimber to the Boxflex TreadClimber.  Same product with a different sticker.  Overall, it is a very complex design and if you want this type of high-intensity workout, you are better off with one of the Icon incline trainers.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Their design philosophy seems to be to make a beautiful package with that priority over quality.  That has caused noise problems with the regular treadmills due to the plastic parts.  On the TreadClimber, one point of wear we expect to see a problem with is the hydraulic shocks.  It also has a very complex mechanical design which doesn’t bode well for long-term reliability.

Company Outlook : To put it kindly, the Nautilus Fitness Group is in a freefall.  Heads have been rolling and finally the architect of this Greek tragedy lost his head just a short while ago.  Whether they can pull it out is an outcome that is getting cloudier by the day.  For several years, their customer service has been horrible and now, with the leadership changes, many in the industry wonder not whether the company will fail and hit the ground but how big a sound it will make when it hits.