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Bodyguard Treadmill Review Index

General Information:Bodyguard introduced two new Chinese treadmill models at the low end of the line three years ago and the results were stunning?as in good. The results were so good that the remainder of the home production line was moved to China in 2008. Bodyguard has only been manufacturing treadmills since 1995 but they have used the same quality construction that has been their trademark since 1969. Their parent company is Procycle, a large Canadian company.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Their design philosophy is to build a good treadmill and then price it according to the cost of the quality level; this philosophy forces them to abandon low price points but ends up benefiting the consumer. Many other manufacturers like to pinpoint the price point they want and then build the treadmill to the price point which causes most to cut corners in order to hit a sales price. The T200 would seem to abandon Bodyguard's traditional philosophy.

Company Outlook : Bodyguard has weathered the economic downturn better than we expected, and they have been one of the more active small fitness companies in the marketplace. They have really projected a strong level of support for both their dealers and consumers.