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Bodycraft Treadmill Review Index

General Information:Bodycraft is another upstart in the fitness game in relation to their treadmill and elliptical products. Some of the better dealers that we know carry Bodycraft and it hits a good price point if you want a solid machine at an affordable price. The question for most people would be why buy a Bodycraft when you can get a better machine for less from Icon or Johnson- the answer would be product support and service...for some buyers this would be a very good reason.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Their design philosophy is to build a decent treadmill and put it at a value price. This seems to work and the machines we looked at were quite capable. With the big improvement in the quality of the Icon and Johnson makes, they may not be able to make as big a dent in the market as they would hope, but we'll see.

Company Outlook : We aren't sure, and it is possible that Bodycraft is among the walking dead, but at this point they are still showing a pulse. We know of some good dealers that have picked up this line, but we would think it was more for reasons of wanting to differentiate from competitors rather than having a new, innovative product.