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BH Treadmill Review Index

General Information:BH is the Miley Cyrus of the fitness business. They can?t help but to metaphorically show their ass as they take a wrecking ball to all morality of setting MSRPs. They have really worked to get the quality to a good standard and have really cut prices to get into dealer showrooms. Don?t pay list price for these because they have no basis in reality but you can really get a dealer to discount from all the reports we have had from consumers.

Manufacturing Philosophy:They put decent parts into a good package on the higher end and they are putting more value in the machine on average when you can get a discount on a unit. None of the designs are too fancy. We had received complaints from consumers about mechanical noises a few years ago but they seem to have addressed those problems. Many of our testers weren?t big fans of the feel of the ellipticals.

Company Outlook : BH is a solid second tier supplier. Dealers are now choosing lines that they once had to fight over (like True, Precor and Lifefitness) and unless a brand can bring people in the door, many retailers simply do not want to fool with having to educate the public on a new brand. With that said, with the thinning of the manufacturer herd, BH has firmly established itself in the market with more and more dealers due to their ?value? play.