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April 27, 2007 - Sorry for the Wait

Enough already! We know it has been a long time since our last blog entry. That is becuase we have been busy making money. Unfortunately blog entries do not pay the bills around here - selling parts does! Not a lot to talk about this time except for the great buys we keep seeing at costco. They have two of our best buy picks selling there in store for $699. The Epic 425MX treadmill and the NordicTrack Elite 1300 ellitpical. These are the best prices we have seen this year and if you are a consumer this is the best time to go buy. Remember that retialers need to move their stock of equipment during the summer since this is traditionally the slowest time of year for fitness equipment sales!


April 30, 2007 - The Affiliate Soap Box or Here We Go Again!

Why do we say write all of those warnings about affiliate websites? I have had this email countless times. The answer is a simple as the nose on your face. We provide consumer information. We know affiliate sites get money for telling you to buy a particular treadmill or elliptical. If they get money for recommending a particular treadmill or elliptical they are not objective. The reason that we write these warnings all of the time is that repetition matters. The more times that you hear the truth, the better you will remember when somebody is trying to snooker you! Everytime you look at a website, you need to ask yourself how they pay for the site. If it is a review site with no obvious way to make money then they are making money off of you ... maybe without you knowing about it.