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General Information:A new name from Johnson via their Horizon subsidiary.  Essentially, they needed to create some space between Horizon which is primarily sold in the mass retailers and the specialty stores.  To the outside, this would seem an odd move since Johnson already serves the specialty market via the machines they build for the Vision brand, but after getting some in-depth info from Vision last year, the ownership is totally separate so now the factory is competing directly with Vision by introducing their own specialty line- AFG.  There is more drama in this relationship than in one you would find in a daytime soap opera.

Manufacturing Philosophy:As with the other Johnson makes, AFG is building a quality product at a reasonable price.  Johnson seems to be past some of the hiccups of the past.  It appears that Johnson is trying to put the stake in Vision’s heart so we will see how this works out.  Overall, the machines have a very nice package and underneath the hood, it is a solid machine.

Company Outlook : Since this is a new name on a product that has been refined over the past few years, it is essentially a rebadged treadmill in order to get some room between the mass market and the specialty market.  Johnson has established themselves as one of the largest and most stable companies in this business and they certainly have their act together.  It will be interesting to see how aggressively they market against Vision since it appears they are trying to supplant them in the specialty marketplace.