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AFG 3.1 AT Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

Solid machine that is getting buried by a lack of distribution. Good machine from a good company but TONS of competition.

AFG 3.1 AT Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








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Overall Rating: 6.23

Factors favoring the Treadmill...

A powerful motor giving a boost to power running

It can be stated with some assurance that you are getting a motor with greater power output than what is normally available at this price point. In fact there are treadmills in higher price categories that are more underpowered than this one. You get a maximum speed of 12 mph and better performance that would easily satisfy power users.

Running surface is spacious

A treadbelt measuring 20" x 55" does the honors and though it is a good 5" shorter than the standard size you see in reputed treadmills, runners will not be inconvenienced. There is sufficient room for bigger users, and only really tall customers with a longer running stride will feel the lack of extra inches.

Cushioning presents a nice forgiving surface

For a treadmill that is priced at $1,200 this surface offers a much better cushioning experience than is the norm, and you need to move much higher to get a more forgiving surface.

Reasonable number of programs and track inclines to add punch to extreme workouts

The treadmill offers a 15% incline range and 10 preset workout programs that rev up your exercise routine by adding decent variation.

This is a folding treadmill

With dimensions of 83" L x 35" W x 13" H you can breathe easier that the treadmill is folding and stores comfortably without occupying more space than necessary.

Longer life expectancy

This is a solid machine with parts that are reasonably better quality and you get more longevity than many other treadmills in this category.

Points to ponder...

The $1,200 price tag may discourage the budget buyer

While affordability is strictly a customer centric issue this is a great machine with solid features that is worth every dime invested in it.

Warranty coverage is disappointing

The AFG 3.1AT offers warranty cover of 1 year on labor, 3 years on parts, and lifetime on the motor and frame. While this is the norm for quite a few treadmills below $1,500, the improved durability of machine parts could have occasioned a more generous warranty.

Our verdict

For $1,200 we consider the AFG 3.1 AT an excellent purchase that gives you a better quality product priced very reasonably. It only loses ground on the weaker warranty which is compensated by superior parts quality and durability.

AFG is stepping up to the plate with better machines for less...not a bad combination!