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Treadmill Brand Review & Index
  Company Name: Trimline (Nautilus Health & Fitness Group)

Company Website:

General Information: Trimline was a spin-off from Roadmaster Corporation and was purchased by management, who subsequently sold out to Schwinn and at this point, they are part of the Nautilus Health & Fitness Group. We have heard on the rumor mill that this brand is in process of being discontinued so Nautilus can concentrate on their core brands.

Manufacturing Philosophy: Their design philosophy seems to be to make a good treadmill and put the money where it is important.  They give their machines decent core drive system parts and then cut corners wherever possible.  This has worked for years and we don’t see any reason why it won’t continue to work.

Company Outlook: Since Nautilus is moving production overseas, the pricing pressure is somewhat less.  Since the Nautilus Group is the second largest seller of fitness equipment, you would expect them to be around for a long time but their core product, the Bowflex, is cycling toward the end of its product life. 
Treadmill Model MSRP
Trimline T305   $949.00
Trimline T315   $1,049.00
Trimline T325   $1,249.00
Trimline T335   $1,499.00
Trimline T340   $1,499.00
Treadmill Model MSRP
Trimline T345   $1,699.00
Trimline T350 HR   $1,699.00
Trimline T355   $2,099.00
Trimline T360   $2,199.00
Trimline T370 HR   $2,499.00