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Elliptical Name: NordicTrack CX 1000
Editor's Note: Not a bad ellitpical, but not a great one either.
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 Strengths:  Rear drive elliptical motion.
 Weakness:  Some cheap parts.
 MSRP: 799 Coming Soon
 Adjustability: 4
 Reliability: 4
 Noise Level: 5
 Value: 5
 Warranty: 1
 Quality: 4
 Ergonomics: 5
Overall Rating: 4.1
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Review Comments: The CX 1000 is one of those units that, in and of itself, is not a bad machine. It's just when you start compairing it with other units, that its negatives start outweighing its positives. If you never look at competing units in this price point you won't know what you are missing. We would suggest units in the Audiostrider series.